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2015 February – “Spring School 2015-II: Communicating Architecture and Built Environment”, International Workshop in Kemerburgaz University, 2-6 February, Organization Committee Member.

2014 December- “Existing between Pedagogy and Practice”, National Symposium at Istanbul Kemerburgaz University on 4-5 December (Organization committee member).

2013 September- Bitlis Summer School (Organization committee) (with Gülhan Benli)

2013 September- Kerpic’2013 Symposium (Organization committee)

2011 December- Attended Istanbul Sustainable Design Workshop, Istanbul, Turkey

2009 July –EWTA Summer School , Ayvalık (Organization committee member).

2008 November-  Attended Interscalar Systemic Operations Workshop (Bakırköy Psychiatry Hospital)

2008 April – Attended Domodossola International Workshop, Italy.

2008 February –EWSAD Winter School, Gazi University (Organization committee member).

2007 October –MOBBİG, Gazi University, Turkey (Organization committee member).

2007 April-May - Organization Committee in IWTA Spring School (International Design Workshop on Tourism and Architecture), Famagusta/TRNC

2007 February- Correspondence Committee in EWSAD Winter school, Gazi University.

2007 February – Accompanying Instructor in EWSAD Winter School, Gazi University.

2006 January – Accompanying Instructor in International Winter School, Gazi University.

2006-2008  - Technical Assistant of 'Journal of The Faculty of Engineering and Architecture of Gazi University' ISSN:1300-1884

2003 February- Organization Committee,  7th Annual Meeting of Architecture Students, M.E.T.U, Ankara.

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