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2017- Balıkesir Municipality Architectural Design Competition (2nd prize with Murat Sönmez)













2016-"Çaycuma Sports Center" Architectural Design Competition with Zeynep Savcı Özgüven (no prize)












2015- “Çanakkale Savaşı Araştırma Merkezi” Architectural Design

Competition (counselor-3. prize)

2014- Tübitak 2219 Post Doctoral Research Fellow

2014- Kayseri Chamber of Commerce, Architectural Design Competition, no prize.

2012- National Architectural Competition on Kosova Central Mosque (counselor)    (no prize)

2009- National Architectural Competition on Selimiye Mosque and Nearby Environment (with Sinan Mert Şener ) (no prize)

2008- National Architectural Competition on Council of State Building(with

Murat Sönmez)(no prize)

2006- September- 3rd prize on the national competition of Turkish

Parlament Library, Archive and General Secreteriat Building.


































2001- In Trophy Design Competition which was organized by Antalya Chamber of Architects,Turkey; received one out of seven honorable mensions.

2000- American Mathematics Competitions(AMC) School Winner.

 American Mathematics Competitions(AMC-12) Honor Roll of Distinction   third place in the state of Idaho

2000- American Mathematic Olimpiads, State of Idaho team member (held in Las Vegas)

2000- As a member of the Quiz Bowl Team of  Kimberly High School (Intellectual team competition), after competing over 15 teams all around the state,  3rd place was achieved.

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