2017- Balıkesir Municipality Architectural Design Competition (2nd prize with Murat Sönmez)













2016-"Çaycuma Sports Center" Architectural Design Competition with Zeynep Savcı Özgüven (no prize)












2015- “Çanakkale Savaşı Araştırma Merkezi” Architectural Design

Competition (counselor-3. prize)

2014- Tübitak 2219 Post Doctoral Research Fellow

2014- Kayseri Chamber of Commerce, Architectural Design Competition, no prize.

2012- National Architectural Competition on Kosova Central Mosque (counselor)    (no prize)

2009- National Architectural Competition on Selimiye Mosque and Nearby Environment (with Sinan Mert Şener ) (no prize)

2008- National Architectural Competition on Council of State Building(with

Murat Sönmez)(no prize)

2006- September- 3rd prize on the national competition of Turkish

Parlament Library, Archive and General Secreteriat Building.


































2001- In Trophy Design Competition which was organized by Antalya Chamber of Architects,Turkey; received one out of seven honorable mensions.

2000- American Mathematics Competitions(AMC) School Winner.

 American Mathematics Competitions(AMC-12) Honor Roll of Distinction   third place in the state of Idaho

2000- American Mathematic Olimpiads, State of Idaho team member (held in Las Vegas)

2000- As a member of the Quiz Bowl Team of  Kimberly High School (Intellectual team competition), after competing over 15 teams all around the state,  3rd place was achieved.

İstanbul Technical University, Taşlışla, Şişli/Istanbul